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A truly iconic object and symbol not only of Philippe Starck but of Alessi itself, this citrus squeezer – as revolutionary as it is surprisingly functional – was sketched in its essentials by Starck during a holiday by the sea in Italy, on a pizzeria napkin.

See more ideas about Philippe Starck, Architecture and Design interiors. Paramount Hotel New York City designed by Philippe Starck Industrial Lamps,

Philippe Starck The french designer Philippe Starck (b. 1949) studied in École Nissim de Camondo in Paris and stayed in Paris after his studies. He became famous for his style and even the president Francois Mitterand asked him to design a suite to his palace.

Aug 17, 2016. Step inside the world of rarefied luxury on the high seas, as imagined by Philippe Starck in the superyachts he created, including the one he.

Sep 1, 2015. Philippe Starck, the famed architect and designer, has let the world know that he incorporates the architectural adage of “less is more” into his.

Mar 16, 2018. 'This project is an “out-of-scale” phantasmagoric architecture,' says Philippe Starck. 'It's a game about uprooted roots, a symbolic construction.

Welcome to YOO. Founded by international property entrepreneur John Hitchcox and ubiquitous designer Philippe Starck, YOO is a residential and hotel design company offering the creative visions of world renowned designers Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders, Jade Jagger, Kelly Hoppen, Steve Leung and the YOO.

Designer Philippe Starck — with no pretty slides to show — spends 18 minutes reaching for the very roots of the question "Why design?" Listen carefully for one.

Philippe Starck works in nearly all areas of design and has also been active for a number of years as an architect. His enormous productivity and novel ideas have made him a star in the design world.

When Philippe Starck and Duravit carried out their first joint project in 1994, it was. A piece of organic architecture for everyone is Philippe Starck's bathroom.

Philippe Starck received many awards for his products. For example, the magazine A&W Architektur & Wohnen named him Designer of the Year in 1999. He has also received a number of design awards, including the following:

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Philippe Starck built his international reputation thanks to his creative, ecological and democratic engagements, but also thanks to his unconventional personality. He often appeared in the media where he outlined his vision of the world and the role of design in shaping it. Recently, he revealed his new project – the design of a luxury hotel in the city of Metz, France, scheduled to be completed in 2018.

School dropout Philippe Starck jump-started his career by designing two nightclub interiors in Paris in the 1970s. The success of the clubs won the attention of then-President François Mitterrand, who asked Starck to refurbish one of the private apartments in the Élysée Palace.

Philippe Starck (born January 18, 1949) is a French designer known since the start of his career in the 1980s for his interior, product, industrial and architectural.

On the road at least 180 days every year, designer Philippe Starck knows what to expect in a hotel. And his signature style has found its way into leading properties around the world since the 1980s.

Downtown by Philippe Starck, 15 Broad St.: The former home of the JP Morgan Bank. Internationally-acclaimed Starck, along with architect Ismael Leyva and.

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Philippe Starck is a French designer who has become widely known around 1980’s. Starck first showed interest in living spaces while he was a student at in Paris, where in 1969 he designed an inflatable house, based on an idea on materiality.Not long afterwards, Pierre Cardin offered him the job of artistic director at his publishing house.

Philippe Starck designs his hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film. He develops scenarios that will lift people out of the everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world. His hotels have become timeless icons and have added a new dimension to global cityscape.

Philippe Starck. Phillipe Starck is on of the best-known contemporary designers in the world. He has not only received public acclaim for his amazing building interior designs but has also proved to be an accomplished architect and product designer.

Philippe Starck’s new chair series for Kartell. The king not only has two bodies, he also needs two chairs – Generic A and Generic C.

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Starck with Riko. PHILIPPE STARCK; RIKO. Starck with Riko kindly invites you to join its Business network and explore how you can become a part of.

Philippe Starck. Phillipe Starck is on of the best-known contemporary designers in the world. He has not only received public acclaim for his amazing building interior designs but has also proved to be an accomplished architect and product designer.

Their unique building process is the brainchild of engineers, who were inspired by the experience and technological challenges shared by Philippe Starck and Riko after years of intense collaboration. This process minimizes any possibility of errors compared to classical on-site building methods.

Feb 22, 2019. Having formed his studio 'Starck' in 1970, Philippe worked on a massive variety of projects spanning categories like architecture, furniture.

Architecture and design are not static professions: styles evolve, technologies. Interior decoration ideas by Philippe Starck Feature philippe starck Interior.

Apr 1, 2006. Consider the emptiness in the world had there never been a Philippe Starck. Not just the extra counter space where all the Juicy Salifs have.

Photography: David Vintiner/Camera Press/Redux Philippe Starck has said that he can design a chair in two. I don't read architecture or design magazines.

Mar 23, 2017. Philippe Starck is known to create unconventional places and objects. Design and architecture Hotel: The new avant-garde design hotel.

Aug 25, 2015. The architectural project for the TOG concept store in São Paulo Brasil was designed by the firm of architects Triptyque Architecture under the.

Jul 27, 2018. Philippe Starck at the Eurostar Lounge he designed in Waterloo, England. There isn't more rigor in naval architecture than in other areas.

Built by Triptyque,Philippe Starck in São Paulo, Brazil with date 2015. Images by Ricardo Bassetti. Triptyque Architecture was chosen by Philippe Starck to develop, under his art direction, the.

Philippe Starck’s vision is essential: heralding the phenomena of convergence and dematerialisation, he aims straight for the heart, highlighting the essential, extracting the structural minimum of every object, in order to offer creations and propositions closest to Man and Nature, best adapted to the future.

Philippe Starck’s prototype for PATH (Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes) sits on the outskirts of Paris, and doubles as the designer’s own home Standing at the counter of his new prefabricated home – indeed, his actual home – Philippe Starck reminded a small group of visitors that shelter is life’s second-most critical necessity after food.

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A visionary of design. Philippe Starck. One of the most famous designers and interior architects of our time. A free spirit with an unconventional style. An extrovert.

Philippe Starck is also working as an architect designing rooms around the world. While studying at Notre Dame of Saint Croix in Neuilly, a company creates.