Architectural Shingles Brands

Whoa, I bet you didn’t think there were 18 types of roof shingles. Well there are and we set them all out here and explain the benefits, pros cons and cost.

Aug 24, 2017  · They are less expensive than architectural shingles. They are still used in many residential properties for their affordable price. The higher initial price of architectural shingles can be prohibitive for some builders. Cons: 3-tab shingles are less thick than architectural shingles, so they need to be replaced sooner.

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A: Choosing a brand of shingle is not just a matter of appearance. A better quality of shingle will last longer, resist algae growth longer, and be more resistant to wind and hail damage. The three “top” brands are Certainteed, Owens- Corning, and GAF.

Styles and Colors of Shingles. Depending on your home’s style, the roof may account for as much as 40 percent of its visual exterior. And with today’s trend of creating outdoor living spaces, you could be looking at your roof a lot more often.

Sep 26, 2006  · Which is a better brand of roof shingle – GAF Timberline 30, Tamko Heritage or IKO Cambridge 30 AR? My roofer has given me the option to go with either GAF Timberline 30, Tamko Heritage or IKO Cambridge 30 AR shingles.

Do some brands seem to be more user friendly or just work better. If I just did this one section of the hip roof with a similar color architectural shingle how would I tie it in at the hip rafters.

If your old roof is leaking beyond repair, replacing it with a shingle roof remains the most popular and cost effective option. The average cost to install roof shingles is about $4,800 – 5,100 for a 1,500 sq.ft. ranch house, including materials and labor. Total installation cost may vary depending on your location, roof complexity and the contractor you hire.

Which Shingle is Right for Your Roofing Project. However, these new singles do cost more and might not always be needed on a tight budget. Architectural shingles cost about $16.00-$25.00 per sq. more than a 25yr 3-Tab shingle. On a typical 30sq house, this cost can add between $480.00-$750.00 to.

They were originally developed in the ’70s in response to luxury homeowners seeking a roofing material that looked like cedar shingles but performed like asphalt. Designer Shingles Many manufacturers have extended the dimensional shingle concept much further to create countless styles, ranging from victorian or old world, to rugged and dramatic.

Architectural shingles are something that most every homeowner would like to indulge in for their home rooftop, but many aren’t sure exactly what an architectural shingle entails and what is available for their particular style of house. Architectural shingles are considered top-of-the-line asphalt shingles.

American home styles are ever changing and adapting, many modern styles were born from classic styles and combinations. This section contains brief overviews of some of the most popular home styles across America to help you choose which Marvin Family of Brands Windows and.

Big Roofs Austin supplies various roofing services, including architectural asphalt shingles, 3-tab asphalt shingles. the company also provides and installs siding products and all types of roofs.

To a home insurance company. and disincentives for roof types vary widely by company and location. "If you live near a wildfire zone, you pay a lot if your roof is (made of) cedar shakes compared.

or “architectural shingles.” While these shingles are heavier and more expensive than traditional three-tab roofing, they better emulate the look of other roofing types, including shake and slate.

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The two most common types of asphalt shingle are three-tab (also called a strip shingle) and architectural (also called a laminate shingle). A three-tab shingle is a rectangular mat with two slots cut.

Although asphalt and fiberglass shingles are the most common roofing materials for residential homes, they aren’t the only options when you’re looking for something a little more aesthetically-appealing. Architectural roof shingles are thicker asphalt shingles designed to look like slate, cedar, clay tile,

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Dimensional or architectural shingles have special cap shingles. You buy bundles of the cap shingles at the same time you buy the regular shingles. Both types of cap shingles are applied the same way.

Multiple gables, white-trimmed vinyl clapboard siding and architectural-grade shingles give the Arlington curb appeal. The kitchen appliance package includes a General Electric brand glass-top.

For those things a bit more “behind the scenes," find architectural shingles, low-maintenance Andersen windows and doors, underground electric, and town connection to water, sewer and gas. The ideal.

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Architectural Shingles can last anywhere from 30 – 50 years, sometimes even more than that. The minerals which are added to the asphalt help make it strong and flexible, making it stand up to extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Some brands of architectural shingles can even be purchased with a lifetime warranty!

If installed correctly, all of these products (including some brands I don’t mention below) will have nearly identical performance. 3-tab to Architectural Asphalt roofing didn’t have much variation in.

Brand New Construction in Jax Beach minutes to the ocean. Home features Hardi Board & Batten exterior, with Black Walnut Architectural roof Shingles. Granite countertops throughout and stainless.

Is there a quality difference between brands of 30-year architectural shingles? [ 7 Answers ] In getting estimates to re-roof my house, I have been told that all brands of 30-year architectural shingles (specifically, GAF, Certainteed and Tamko) are alike in quality. Another roofer called GAF and Certainteed "Cadillacs" and Tamko a "Buick."

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By lunchtime Thursday, crews had just about reached the halfway point in replacing Hiawatha Hall’s old, leaky roof with brand-new architectural asphalt shingles. The repairs will help guard the.

JC Roofing & Insulating in South Sioux City is now a certified contractor to install the Malarkey brand of asphalt. polymer modified shingles to meet challenging environments. The Malarkey lineup.

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Desert Island, Maine—referred to by the brand as her most architecturally important home—offering large scale patterns like silk damasks and a confident use of color; and Lily Pond, named after Martha.

“I’ve been a contractor for over 35 years and I’ve seen it all. And I know the right products for the right job,” says Mike Holmes.

Asphalt shingles ABOUT: Most common of all roof types in the U.S. today. Choose between the popular 3-tab asphalt shingle and the longer-lasting architectural shingle (also called "laminate.

I am concerned that the granular covering will be weakened and wash off, thus limiting the life of these expensive architectural shingles. Second. He also said the problem was across all the brands.

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According to Carol Perkins, Director of Marketing, Dynasty with ArmourZone is among the most advanced architectural laminated asphalt roofing shingles IKO has ever produced. "The innovative feature of.

GAF Timberline Shingles. Good= Timberline Natural Shadow. Better= Timberline HD. Best= Timberline Ultra HD. Certainteed Landmark Shingles. Good= Landmark. Better= Landmark Premium. Best= Landmark Pr0. Cost Of Landmark Shingles vs Timberline Shingles. For better or worse, the first concern of most consumers when it comes to shingles is the difference in cost.

Asphalt Shingle Types. Your grandparents home was probably covered in three-tab asphalt shingles, since for decades that was the only choice. In the 1970s, manufacturers began producing thicker shingles that came to be called laminate, dimensional and architectural shingles.

Architectural style roofing shingles are so well designed that most brands, even the economy styles, come with a limited lifetime guarantee. Replacing flat shingles with an dimensional style not only improves the look and longevity of a given structure.

The brand new 30-year architectural shingle roof tops it off as being the perfect place to call home. The property is listed at $697,000. For your private showing call Keisha Avery at 237-9371.